SOMOS is a Latina-led movement, powered by togetherness, that gathers the Latino community to have meaningful conversations with youth about important issues in their lives that can be tricky to navigate and talk about.
ReproCollab expanded SOMOS in 2023 aiming to reach more Latinas in Pueblo and Adams County through a partnership with Vuela for Health, a respected community-based organization. SOMOS is a human-centered design program for Latina youth and caregivers addressing vital life issues, including reproductive and sexual health that has been incubated by Caring for Colorado since 2019.
Collaborating with the University of Colorado’s Latino Research and Policy Center, Vuela for Health is evaluating SOMOS for success, challenges, and sustainability. Ourvision is that SOMOS continues to grow and reach Latina youth and their families across the state to address the gap in culturally responsive and community-led sexual health education programming. We envision solidifying SOMOS elements so they’re easily transferable, securing long-term community partners, expanding to the Western slope of Colorado, and sharing insights for enhancing youth-focused programs.
In May 2022, SOMOS participants celebrated program completion with graduation ceremonies. Teens in Pueblo prioritized the reproductive health class, even attending on the night of their high school prom. Facilitator Brenda Figueroa highlighted their dedication, emphasizing that SOMOS was designed through a human-centered process, which ensured the content addressed the specific needs and interests the Latinas participating.​

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