Sexual and reproductive health clinicians in Colorado brought forth the challenges of transforming clinical practice and provider mindsets to increase patient-centered care, deeply committing to respecting all people’s reproductive autonomy and goals, and reducing harm caused in patient-clinician interactions. 
While Colorado has seen innovation and progress in health care, deep, systemic challenges to ensuring positive patient experiences that do not perpetuate inequities persist. Addressing these challenges within the exam room are at the core of this strategy. 
Strategy Purpose
Foster education, connection, and individual- and clinic-level changes within health care services (delivered by clinical providers and administrative staff), and identify and advance equity and reproductive justice values in Colorado.
Funded Activities
In partnership with CAI, Inc., Dimension Strategies, and an advisory board with Colorado and national leaders in reproductive justice, clinical expertise, and community engagement, The Collaborative is designing a half-day conference, followed by a clinical training series and community of practice for health care staff working in the field of sexual and reproductive health. 
Activities are centered on both care providers and administrators to foster both individual and systemic change within a health care setting. The name S+RIVE is intended to ground the work in movement and continual work to push and strive for reproductive health equity for all.
S+RIVE Objectives
  • Build awareness about the need for a reproductive justice-informed approach when providing sexual and reproductive health services
  • Provide opportunities for participants to examine their relationship to power and privilege as individuals and within their role as health care professionals
  • Highlight strategies for building reflective practice as a means to continuously examine and reduce individual and organizational biases
  • Share concrete strategies for applying the reproductive justice framework to their individual clinical practice, broader organizational systems, and community partnerships
  • Create supportive structures for peer sharing, collective problem-solving, and accountability among participants as they implement changes in alignment with the reproductive justice framework