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ReproCollab provides leadership, advocacy, and funding support for community-based efforts across Colorado working to achieve reproductive equity through policy, practice, and programs.

Sexual and reproductive rights are integral to human rights. We recognize and acknowledge the social, economic, and political conditions of oppression that limit reproductive and sexual health choices that do not allow all people to have bodily autonomy.
This guides our grant making and is integral to the work we do.

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There are no funding opportunities available at this time.
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Approach to Grantmaking

Our Grantmaking is inspired by our Kitchen Table, movement leaders, community based organizations and philanthropic allies.

With a focus on communities that have historically carried the burden of racial, economic, and social inequalities, ReproCollab will build partnerships and provide grant funding across three strategic areas over the next three years:

Protect and Expand
Solutions in Sexual
Health Education
Lead and Advocate
for Reproductive
We seek to alter power dynamics, ensuring that all people
have equitable access to resources, information, and services,
as well as the power they need to determine their sexual
and reproductive goals.
We center the lived experiences, assets, and needs of priority
including Black, Latinx, and Indigenous people;
people in rural and frontier communities; LGBTQIA people;
people who are undocumented, asylees, and refugees. Across
all groups, we center young people and people facing financial
barriers to care.
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What Our Grantees Say

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