Introducing the ReproCollab Kitchen Table

Following our introduction of ReproCollab, we want to also introduce our Kitchen Table. This advisory committee will inform and guide ReproCollab strategies and associated grant funding to advance reproductive equity in Colorado. 
The initial members of the Kitchen Table bring diverse perspectives and professional expertise on the myriad of conditions that impact sexual and reproductive autonomy.  Each is skilled in listening to and acting on the values and realities of Colorado’s diverse communities, particularly young people of color, low-income families, and people in rural communities. With the Kitchen Table, our aim is to shift the power dynamic so that people who have faced historical and persistent barriers to reproductive health and rights can access the information and services they need, and have the right to make decisions about their bodies, sexuality, relationships, and futures. This includes whether and when to use contraception, start a family, or continue a pregnancy.
Over the coming months, we will continue to grow the number of Kitchen Table members, working to further diversify areas of expertise and ensure representation of communities statewide. 
With this expertise and community-informed guidance, ReproCollab will provide leadership, advocacy, and funding support for community-based efforts across Colorado to achieve reproductive equity through policy, practice, and programs. We look forward to sharing more as our work progresses and we welcome your input, insights, and feedback always.
ReproCollab is an initiative of Caring for Colorado, with funding support provided by Caring for Colorado and the Colorado Health Foundation. 
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Announcing ReproCollab 2022 Launch

We are so excited to share the news that ReproCollab has officially launched! The insights generously shared by so many dedicated reproductive rights leaders and advocates have fueled our learning and planning, helping to make this moment possible. Thank you!
Our new name and tagline emphasize the importance of collaboration to achieve our shared goal that all Coloradans have access to the information and services they need and the right to make decisions about their bodies, sexuality, relationships, and futures. By listening to and working together with communities that have historically carried the burden of racial, economic, and political inequalities, we will provide grant funding and support leaders and programs across the state to achieve reproductive equity.
You can also learn more about ReproCollab on our refreshed website and sign up to receive news and updates about our work, including funding opportunities. We encourage you to also follow us on LinkedIn. We welcome your feedback, along with any questions you may have.
As you know, our work to achieve reproductive equity is critically important as we face increasing challenges to bodily autonomy and reproductive rights and services. We appreciate your commitment to this cause and value the opportunity to work collaboratively to advance reproductive equity in Colorado.

Juana Rosa Cavero, Director

SOMOS Resources

SOMOS Participants are encouraged to check out the resources below!

Thank you to the SOMOS Design Fellows that have contributed to these lists! Participants: If you have any questions about the resources listed, please reach out to your group facilitator. 

S+rive Initiative Half Day Virtual Conference

Achieving Reproductive Justice in Colorado: The Powerful Role of Healthcare Professionals

In partnership with CAI, Inc. and Dimension Strategies, ReproCollab hosted the first ever virtual S+rive conference and training for health care professionals working in the field of sexual and reproductive health! Over the course of the training, healthcare professionals were introduced to reproductive justice and how it applies to the healthcare system.
América Ramirez, Program Manager at COLOR, started the conference with a great summary of the Reproductive Justice (RJ) movement and its importance to healthcare professionals. Her presentation highlighted the history of RJ and how healthcare providers can utilize the RJ framework through patient-centered care to reduce barriers of reproductive healthcare access.
Adjoa Tetteh and the team at CAI, Inc., continued the discussion of RJ and presented the timeline of reproductive justice in Colorado. Attendees had the opportunity to discuss their thoughts in small breakout groups in a structured format. During the breakout sessions, it was clear that participants were craving a space where their values for equity and justice would be validated, supported and encouraged. The complexities of reproductive justice were reiterated by several attendees comments which will be addressed in the following training sessions.
The conference ended with a panel of RJ experts brilliantly moderated by Adrienne Mansanares of Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains. On the panel was; Dusti Gurule, Dr. Jamila Perritt, Dr. Liz Romer (a familiar face for ReproCollab!), Briana Simmons. All panelists are part of the S+rive advisory board. 

A few more incredible moments from the day:



Introduction to RJ! For many, attendees, this was probably the first time they received this type of background and summary to the RJ framework.

Our amazing speakers and panelists!  Thank you Adrienne for your facilitation!!
Thank you to the panel and 80+ attendees who set aside time in their busy schedule to learn about how they can apply the Reproductive Justice framework through patient-centered care. S+rive continues with a 6-part training series, and community of practice with individualized coaching. Couldn’t attend the conference but want to take part in furthering reproductive justice in your clinic and community? Sign up for our mailing list to find out more about the upcoming S+RIVE Initiative training series, and to learn about more ways you can get involved.

Colorado Contraceptive Access Change Project

Colorado Contraceptive Access Change Project

Ensuring access to unbiased information about contraceptive options and the ability to be provided their contraceptive method of choice, without delay or cost barriers, is critical to supporting families in deciding if, when, and under what circumstances they have a child.
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