SOMOS is a Latina-led movement, powered by togetherness, that gathers the Latino community to have meaningful conversations with youth about important issues in their lives that can be tricky to navigate and talk about.
Embarking on a human-centered design project in 2019, SOMOS emerged from an effort to engage young Latinas and their caregivers on the question: 
How might we understand the reproductive health needs and desires of Latina young women (18-24 years old) in Adams and Pueblo counties, and design with them relevant, culturally responsive ways to support them in meeting those needs?
Guided by the vision of Liz Romer, DNP,  FNP, and supported by the expertise of The Curious Company, ReproCollab engaged five trusted community leaders and experts – Design Fellows – to reach into their communities in Pueblo and Adams counties and talk to hundreds of Latina youth and their families.
Our Voices
The human-centered design process uses a ground-up approach that starts with empathy and understanding of the “end user” in a much deeper way than traditional research or focus groups. The process values and relies on the expertise of the community without attachment to the end product or outcome. In this process, Design Fellows and Curious Company consultants facilitated 100+ 90-minute interviews with young Latinas, as well as young Latinos, parents, caregivers, teachers and advocates.
More than 200 ideas emerged from the conversations in Adams and Pueblo counties.  
From these, one singular idea emerged that could engage middle, high school and their caregivers in addressing healthy relationships, personal autonomy, and emotional and sexual health.
Design Fellows 
To ensure continuity and connection to deeply grounded community voices, ReproCollab identified five Design Fellows — women who work as community organizers, advocates, nonprofit leaders and educators in Pueblo and Adams counties. Each Design Fellow is a dedicated thought partner in this work, keeps the work connected to the community, and has been a critical element to the progress and success of this work. 
Mirna Ramirez-Castro
Maria Zubia
Yesenia Beascochea
Kristi Roque
Melanie Bravo
Theresa Trujillo