Background and Purpose 
The Colorado Contraceptive Access Change Project (CCACP) took place from January 2019 – March 2021, to integrate non-coercive, culturally responsive, person-centered contraceptive services into primary care safety net clinics. 
Led by CAI Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of health care and social service delivery globally, 11 safety net health centers across Colorado participated in the learning collaborative to strengthen essential systems/structures to support universal access to contraceptive services.  
Summary of Activities
  • Two-year learning collaborative with 11 safety net clinics 
  • Grounded in the reproductive justice (RJ) framework for provision of care
  • CAI coached the 11 clinics with monthly technical assistance calls/webinars, learning collaborative sessions, and staff trainings on contraceptive counseling and the RJ framework. 
  • Data metrics gathered monthly and tracked progress on the percentage of patients screened for pregnancy intention, provided contraceptive counseling, provided contraception, and who reported a positive patient experience.  
  • Sustainable changes to onboarding processes, workflows, policies/procedures, and funding streams to ensure the provision of comprehensive contraceptive care.
  • Strengthened network of champion health care workers across agencies to support each other through challenges such as electronic health record (EHR) modifications and Title X applications